Jason Kraus

“Finished Objects”

January 28 - February 21, 2015

Algus Greenspon presents Finished Objects in their project room, a series of five new sculptures by New York-based artist Jason Kraus.

Kraus’s highly stylized, formal sculptures derive from repetitive performative actions in and out of the studio, a site that acts as starting point to explore the mechanics of looking, to question how and why we see the world as we do. The artist challenges the nature of art objects, as well as larger concepts such as composition, authorship, display and presentation – that often lead to the work folding back onto itself.

The genesis of Finished Objects is located in Kraus’ 2013 show, Concrete Forms, in which he exhibited five sets of paired pedestals with instructions for what to place on top of them. Each set required one item set forth by the artist, such as an empty can of spray paint or a newspaper, and one item of the installer’s choice. The complete works became platforms for considering issues of subjectivity. The final component was an instruction; that each item selected and placed during the exhibition be shipped to the artist’s studio upon closing. Once gathered together, the objects would become new materials with which to make new work.

These returned materials were paired and arranged with books left over from another project begun in graduate school where the artist asked friends to send him a book that they felt related to his work. Kraus joined these “byproducts” from two previous projects together to create the works currently on view. Kraus designed and constructed containment units for the groupings, which function as formally seductive and visual pleasing abstractions. At the same time they urge the viewer to consider the semiological impact of objects.