“The Shadow is Taken”

October 13 - December 12, 2015

Algus Greenspon is pleased to announce the opening of the group exhibition, The Shadow is Taken, featuring artists Gene Beery, William N. Copley, Isabelle Cornaro, Stéphane Dafflon, Steve Keister, Caitlin Keogh, Nicholas Krushenick, Adriana Lara, George Ortman, Mai-Thu Perret, John Tremblay and Julia Wachtel. 

Formally, theoretically, historically and conceptually diverse, the works here join together through a shared dialect; one that skims the edge between comprehension and play, reality and fiction.

Art history is rephrased as an alternate, looser territory that is articulated with a light, and at times comic touch. Formal elements such as shape, line, and color are often minimally modulated, mysteriously ordered, and maintain a veneer of distance. Crisp surfaces are punctured by bits of life. The figure and the body appear and are referenced, implemented as both cool object and depicted as messy subject. Pop conventions such as flatness, sign painting, black outlines, and colors that feel chosen and separated with a deadly accuracy appear throughout, as a forcefully graphic, narrative shorthand that sinks the imagery in the mind. 

This grouping of works attempts to collapse the false temporal divisions of “history”, thereby confusing motifs and memories, and demanding that the viewer be drawn into the past while pushing towards the future.